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PBI UNMUH BABEL guided the English Course Program, Advancing the Tourism and Economic of Kurau Barat

English Education Study Program of Teacher Training and Education Faculty of Universitas Muhammadiyah Bangka Belitung (PBI UNMUH BABEL) undertook the Community Service Program of PBI Lecturers with the theme,” Tour Guide Training, Enhancing English Skills of Kurau Barat People”.

Together with the secretary of PBI UNMUH BABEL, Agci Hikmawati, M.Pd., accompanied by other lecturers, Dwi Indra Aprilliandari, M.Pd, and Rindu Handayani, M.Pd, the society was enthusiastic in joining the program. This kind of activity is the chance to learn and improve English skills.

“We are so grateful and jubilant that our intention to help them to improve their English skills are so welcomed by both the people and the village apparatus of Kurau Barat. They happily cemented their talents and interests to English during the classes” Agci uttered.

She discerned that it was the awareness of the people themselves that made it easier for them to study. They realized that by mastering English or other languages are the priority needs and assets that they should have in developing the two basic sectors of the village; economic in marine resources and mangrove forest tourism.

Agci is optimistic and determined that if the agenda continuously conducted, especially if it is joined and lifted by the village, district, and regency apparatus, then there would be more investors and foreign tourists would visit Kurau village, Kurau Barat in particular.

“I am convinced that if everything is done positively and consistently, I believe that someday Kurau Barat could welcome both domestic and overseas tourists, which then would promote the local economy and tourism,” she added.(Humas/PBI Unmuh Babel)

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